2022 showjumping circuit in Ehlersdorf

Club for the promotion of Showjumping

As more and more national showjumping competitions have been canceled over time, we thought about ways to improve the quantity and quality of show jumping competitions in our region. Thus, we are planning to organize four demanding shows under good conditions here in Ehlersdorf during 2022.

At our facility in Ehlersdorf, we have a spacious ebb-and-flow ring and two separate warm-up areas, which gives us the opportunity to offer you great show conditions. The circuit will extend over the entire outdoor season and include four shows, with the first show planned for the end of April.


Preliminary dates:


1. 21st of April to 24th of April 2022 Ehlersdorf S** more Details
2. 28th of April to 1st of May 2022 Ehlersdorf S** more Details
3. 14th of July to 17th of July 2022 Ehlersdorf S*** Final Tour more Details
4. 21st of July to 23rd of July 2022 Ehlersdorf S* (FUNDIS Tour and Youngsters Tour) more Details

The dates are preliminary, without guarantee and not excluded from changes.

Due to the current difficult situation of many companies and our partners, which have always reliably supported us at all our previous shows, the financial participation of our riders will be inevitable in the long run. To be able to offer you, the riders, full prize money at every show we cannot and do not want to solely rely on the help of our previous sponsors to bear the costs for all show-related costs. As we are interested in a long-term, mutually beneficial collaboration we need your support to improve showjumping competitions. For this reason, a membership in the club for the promotion of showjumping will be required to participate in our shows.

You can choose between two different membership alternatives (conditions can be viewed in the application form). In this way we hope for a well-organized showjumping circuit under good conditions, which offers riders and horses as well as horse owners and breeders in Schleswig-Holstein and beyond a good platform for their sport and their business.

We hope for your support.

Team Ehlersdorf

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